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Jasmine [Mar. 7th, 2013|10:12 am]
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AUTHOR: green7silver
STATUS: One-shot
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything.

Holly sighed impatiently; sometimes she really hated this job. It was good to be your own boss and she surely didn´t miss the upper ranks of the LEP. But sometimes the jobs she had to take to pay the rent were awful. And this one had been boring, embarrassing and dirty. And that today.
True, Christmas wasn´t a genuine fairy thing. It had been a holiday from mud men first. But then the politicians found it and it became a feast for every fairy. Holly never understood really the religious meaning in it, if mud men had one, but thought it was a nice thing for families, for friends and for lovers. So Holly was quite content, that she needn't celebrate it on her own.
Artemis and Butler were with their families, Fowly like every year on holidays was in the Bahamas and even when Mulch was a good partner he really didn´t want to spend Christmas with him.
Indeed the last years she had spent it alone. But not this one. For the past few months there was someone in her life. Surely the last person she ever expected to care about. There had been nothing beside hate between them. Some of the tension had been sexual - but then they cost each other so much. Holly should have her send back to prison months ago, but her loyalty to the LEP command waned a lot. And after that adventure last autumn they were a lot closer. She even saved Holly before she vanished. She really wanted to know how many had guessed the truth about her vanishing. Artemis maybe, but he could keep a secret.
When she opened the door the first she welcomed was the smell of jasmine and she knew exactly the source. She went into the kitchen smiled and bent down to kiss Opal Koboi.
Opal kissed her back: "I made dinner," she said proudly, "you like it. I succeeded this time."
"I know you would," Holly smiled, "and I´m hungry."
They had an excellent dinner and discussed Holly´s work.
"So, and now the presents," Opal smiled at her like a lazy cat and Holly wondered where in hell she could have got a present without leaving the house. But Opal had always been a genius and she loved to surprise Holly. And Holly equally liked surprises too.
"Here, that´s for you." she gave her a scarf in color of her eyes.
"Oh Holly, That´s beautiful."
"Beautiful for a beautiful woman," Holly kissed her and Opal opened her mouth to suck in her tongue. Softly caressing while her hands were in her neck. Suddenly she felt something cool around her neck. Holly broke the kiss and looked down. A silver medallion in shape of a unicorn.
"That´s so beautiful."
"A unicorn is as rare and beautiful as you." Opal kissed her and pulled her into the bedroom.
They didn´t need a lot time to discard their clothes. Skin rubbed against skin as Holly softly stroked her back, while Opal let her fingers slide through her auburn hair.
Holly kissed her again and then kissed a trail down over her breasts, navel to her vagina, softly licking her clit.
"Yes," Opal closed her eyes; her whole body shrank on the feeling of that agile tongue. Her breath was labored, when she reached the peek:"Holly!"
With a smug grin on her face Holly came back and kissed her. Opal deepened the kiss, while fingers were rubbing Holly´s clit. Such talented fingers. Holly took hold on the headboard while the fingers searched entrance and rubbed exactly the right places.
Afterwards they lay intertwined, breathing in synchrony.
"And now? Aren´t there any mud men traditions to follow?" Opal asked.
"No idea. Hey, it was you, who became nearly one of them."
"Don´t remind me," Opal groaned. It had not been one of her smartest ideas and she was happy, that it was over.
"I have a much better idea, “ she smiled, "we spend the rest of the day in bed."
"That´s really a good idea," Holly bent down to kiss her again, drowning once again in the smell of jasmine.
Authors Note: Are there any people around, who like this pairing? I’m much too lazy to write prequel to this one-shot. Anyone is welcome to tell the tale how Holly and Opal ended up together.
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Falling [Mar. 7th, 2013|09:28 am]
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Fandom: 8 Women
Author: green7silver
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don´t own them.

It was damn cold outside as they left the house. It was desperate trying to get to the street like that, but anything was better than to stay in the house with the dead body of her father Susan thought. She should stop calling him that, he wasn't her father anymore. Lover didn't seem right either. Susan did not know what she had felt for him or did now. Her grieving was somewhat distracted through the search for the killer and all the revelations about the dear family and Marcel´s love life. She looked over to her rival. She had to admit, Louise was beautiful, not just sexy and cheap, as she thought first. If they had met in another situation she might have liked each other.
They reached the wall and Susan concentrated on the problem at hand. "If someone could climb on the wall, he might be able to reach the street."
Catherine and Aunt Augustine made a leg-up for Louise. The former chamber maid climbed up the wall and pulled Susan up to her. Then she tried to get down on the other side, but it was slippery and there was nothing to hold onto. Louise slid and desperately tried to hold onto the edge before a car nearly hit her. She cursed under her breath: "Pull me up again."
Susan pulled with all her strength and they fell over each other. For a moment Susan felt well formed breasts being pressed into her stomach before Louise pulled herself up. Flustered she followed her back to the garden. "This isn't working," Catherine said, "let´s go back to the house."
They discussed it heatedly but in the end all had to agree that there was no way getting to the street without getting somebody being either injured or killed. As they went back to the house Louise's view concentrated on Susan. The girl was more than a nuisance, more than the cheeky daughter of her boss. She was rather a pretty one, but also intelligent, fierce and brave. And she smelled good. If she weren't so interested in her mistress she would have liked to find the passion behind the facade. But when she came back to the mansion, she saw that her mistress had already found someone else.
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Graduation Day [Mar. 5th, 2013|09:55 am]
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Part before

Graduation Day

Today was Cassie´s Graduation Day. The whole circle was present, even it were only Sean and Laurel, who graduated with her. The others had just graduated a year ago. But today they were all here, laughing and dancing. The circle seemed to be happy.
The Hendersons were flirting with some girls from their college, where they studied to Cassie´s surprise languages. Deborah was really dancing with her boyfriend, who worked at same garage that she did. Suzan was at a fashion school and had three admirers, who were courting her. Melanie was studying Math and had a boyfriend some semesters above her. Sean was dancing with Sally, while Laurel was talking with some people from the biology course.
Most of the club was paired up with outsiders. New blood was good for the circle Cassie decided. Even Adam and Nick had come. For Adam it had been difficult after the end of their relationship. Cassie had never really stopped loving him, but it wouldn't be fair to stay with him after all what happened. It had been Nick of all people to pick up the pieces. Cassie was happy about it. They were good for each other. They had begun a new life in San Francisco where Adam studied law and Nick history.
But there were of course two persons who held her interest. Diana and Faye were dancing together, one in red, one in white. Both studied in Boston. Diana medicine because she wanted to help people and Faye history of art, because she liked beautiful things. Boston was not too far away, but Cassie missed having them in the same road, merely minutes away. But now she could move into their flat and share their life.
"Come here," Faye laughed, "dance with us."
First she danced with Faye of course; patience had never been her greatest virtue. Slow and erotic as she liked it and Cassie felt, as if she were flying.
Dancing with Diana was very different, both gracious and innocent.
"We are so happy, that you came to celebrate with us," she told her friends, when the circle united after the party at the beach.
"We are happy to be here," Nick gave her a cheer, "to the circle."
After the rest had gone, Cassie stayed a long time with Diana and Faye to celebrate their very private Graduation day party.
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The art of Celebration [Mar. 5th, 2013|09:39 am]
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Part before

The art of Celebration
AUTHOR: green7silver
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything. L. J. Smith does.
PAIRING: Faye/Diana/Cassie
SETTING: After the end of the books

The whole circle had united on the beach to celebrate the summer solstice. It had been Cassis’s turn to call the elements, with Faye and Diana standing on each side of her. But now it was long after midnight. The fire had burned down and the circle had gone home. Cassie watched the moon reflecting on the waves. Adam had asked her to stay with him. To celebrate unation the between the Good and the Goddess on their own. She had told him, that there were some duties to fulfill. It had been a lie.
She loved Adam dearly but somehow it hadn´t seemed right to celebrate it with him. Something was clearly missing, even when she couldn´t name it. So she remained here after all members had left. Sitting on the sand and drinking the wine Faye had organized and it was going to her head much too quickly. What Adam didn´t understand was that this solstice was not only the union of Good and Goddess, but much more universal. Light and dark, heaven and hell, all came together in moment of creation.
A noise brought Cassie back from her musings. A light sound like laughter. Was still someone out? Curious, Cassie got up and followed the noise. Through the wine her motions were a bit slurred but she had no problems seeing everything in the moonlight, Suddenly she heard the voice of her grandmother: "Two girls were born in the same hour, one fair; one dark and everyone could see that their fate would be connected."
And there it was - the unation of light and dark, bound together through the fate. Black and blonde hairs were intertwined, while pale bodies shone in the moonlight. Faye kissed Diana on the lips, and then left a trail of wet kisses on the way down to the navel. She dipped her tongue into it, making her cousin groan. Then Diana pulled her up for another kiss, teasing Faye's nipples with her thumbs.
Cassie just stood and watched when hands were combing through hair, caressing and stroking the sensual points and kisses were exchanged. It was the most erotic thing, she ever had seen.
Slowly both of them seemed to be aroused. Finally Faye changed her positions so that they were pressed together and ground her hips. Diana matched her movements. Shuddering they both simultaneously reached the peak before both girls slid back into the sand.
Cassie had really forgotten that she was only watching, her whole body felt hot and wantonful. Not before Faye looked up and caught her eyes, she realized that she was intruding. But the dark-haired witch just smiled at her lazily. Then she whispered something to Diana. Both leaders stretched out an inviting arm. Cassie´s breath caught and she forgot everything else. Adam. The circle. Here was the place where she belonged. Where fate brought her for the celebration of the solstice. With a fluent motion she got rid of her clothes and joined the two girls on the beach.

Part after
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Lilith [Mar. 5th, 2013|09:13 am]
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AUTHOR: green7silver
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything. L. J. Smith does.
PAIRING: Faye/Diana
SETTING: After the end of the last book

Diana was sitting alone in her room and tried to read, without much success. Yes she had known for a while, that Adam and Cassie were meant for each other. But now when they were officially together it hurt like hell. But she wouldn´t show that, she wouldn't let it influence the circle. She had just to concentrate on something else.
Then she heard the bell and hoped that it weren´t Melanie or Laurel. She couldn´t cope with sympathetic understanding right now. But it was the last person she would have expected.
"Hello cousin," Faye smiled lazily.
"Hello Faye. Do you want something?"
"I just thought you wouldn´t like to be alone tonight. Are you ready to go out?"
"Faye, I don´t think …"
"Don´t worry. I wouldn´t bring you into anything you don´t like, would I?"
"Don't worry. In Salem is an exhibition of modern European art. Come you´ll like it."
"Okay, okay," Diana felt too tired to fight with Faye, so she decided to surrender.
"Why didn´t you ask Deborah or Suzan?" she asked when they were driving along the bank.
"Neither of them is really very interested in art. And we are both in the same situation. We both just dropped our boyfriends."
That Faye still called Black John her boyfriend amused Diana more than that it frightened her. It was so typical of Faye. To her surprise she found herself enjoying the exhibition. She was just looking at two red triangles when Faye came and dragged her to a room upstairs.
The whole wall was claimed by one picture. Close up it was just a mixture of colors, but with a bit distance you could recognize the silhouette of a skyline, with sticks of cotton and wool, which were protruding.
"It's called Lilith," Faye explained, "the femme fatal as Moloch. Fascinating isn't it?"
"Since I saw it the first time, I wanted to show it to you."
"Because it´s beautiful. Just like you."
"Diana," she moved forward and kissed her.
Diana looked at her with wide eyes: "Faye…"
"Come let´s enjoy the exhibition."
But Diana couldn´t concentrate on art anymore. All what she could think of was the kiss. It was just a kiss, not sweet and innocent like the ones with Adam but full of passion.
It was a warm evening and they settled down in the cafe in front of the museum.
"Why did you do that? Kiss me?"
"Why not?"
"We have never really been friends."
"Too close for comfort, hm?" Faye smiled, „but we aren´t rivals anymore. We are both leaders of the circle now."
"And after the bloodthirsty maniac you wanted to try something new?"
"You surely are the opposite of John," Faye snickered, „but I always wanted to kiss you. And now that Adam isn´t a problem anymore …. Have you never felt the connection between us?"
"I have," Diana admitted," I tried to ignore it. But somehow I could always feel your presence. Sometimes I hated it; you were so everything I wasn't."
"Did you ever hate me?"
"Not really. Not even when you chose Back John over us. I envied you. Your life seems so much more intense."
"Maybe, but it´s not as easy as it seems. Thinking of Black John. I should have known better."
"In your heart you did and in the end you listened to it."
"And when I kissed you I was listening to it then. The old ladies think our fates are connected. But this is more than fate. I don´t want to be your soul mate, Diana, I want to be your lover," Faye said with a husky voice.
"Really?" Diana bent forward until they were only inches apart. Golden eyes looked into green ones, but it was Diana who moved. She captured Faye´s lips with her own and opened her mouth so that tongues could meet. Unconsciously she buried her finger in Faye´s raven locks. She had never thought she would end up here, but suddenly it seemed the right place to be.
"I rather think we should go home," Faye purred, "to yours or to mine?"
Diana grinned. Typical Faye, but this time she wouldn´t back out. "My father will be working until late," she told at her cousin, who looked a bit flabbergasted, but smiled than: "I take that as invitation."
"You would be wise to, as it is one." Diana kissed her again.
For those, who are interested „Lilith“ is a painting by Anselm Kiefer.

Part after
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Manu manum lavat 15 [Feb. 20th, 2013|09:13 am]
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Aya looked around the aircraft cabin. It was a private jet of the CIA, taking them to their new life in New Mexico.

Even to Aya's anxious eyes, everyone seemed well. Aya-chan was sleeping in the seat beside him. Omi and Nagi were concentrated on a new computer game of space navies and universal armageddon, which had sent Ken into peaceful slumber. Crawford was tending Farfarello. The Irishman was getting better day by day, while all of Schwarz fluttered around him. And Brad as leader was, of course, especially worried. Aya had been amused to discover Crawford's fatherly streak.

Schuldig and Yohji had disappeared. They'd sneaked out the cabin's rear door,  and Aya had a good idea of what they were doing.

The two of them had somehow managed to transform the first aid room into something much more comfortable.

“You don't think the others will miss us?” Yohji stroked the red hair.

“I don´t think much.” Schuldig rubbed his cheek against his, “and we really haven´t had a lot time for us.”

“So you admit, that there is an us.”

“Yes, if you have to hear it.”

He looked mock annoyed, but behind that Yohji could detect traces of worry.

“Still afraid to open up?”

“It's the first time I've let myself love a lover.”

“I´m honoured by that. But you know I love you. And you can trust me.”

“I know. I do trust you. And you can trust me. There´s just a little part of me, needing to be a bit indulged with reassurance.”

“Your luck that I´m famous for indulging.” Yohji bent forward to kiss him, long and passionately.
As they came up to breathe again, Yohji smiled. “I´m looking forward to New Mexico. Who would have thought that a whole new life without killing would be the outcome of this situation.”

“Oh, I told you, “ Schuldig sounded very self satisfied, “Manu manum lavat.”

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

And he did.

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Manu manum lavat 14 [Feb. 18th, 2013|11:59 am]
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The next morning Schuldig was allowed to sleep as long as he wanted.

The sleep restored his strength, and he could shield himself again. When he came down to the old-fashioned kitchen, only Ken, Omi and Nagi were there.

“Good morning, Schuldig.” Ken set breakfast down before him. “How´s that head?”

“A bit better.” Schuldig's energy reserves were still very low, and he wolfed down the food.

“The others will be back soon,” Omi told him. “They're buying new things for Aya-chan.”

They came back about half an hour later. Schuldig noticed with pride how Aya-chan looked still a bit pale, but otherwise a healthy young girl – no trace left of her coma.

As soon as Aya saw the redhead, he swept Schuldig into a bone breaking hug. “I will never forget this. Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” A bit overwhelmed by this atypical emotion from the normally cold Weiss, Schuldig patted Aya's shoulder.

Later, they all assembled in the comfortably cluttered dining room. Even with all that had been happening in the last few days, Omi and Nagi had worked on gathering intelligence whenever they could steal time. This morning they finally had won through. Black and white print outs littered the big table, mixed with brightly coloured bought photos and maps.

Nagi sighed. “I think we´ll find the Elders – here.” His forefinger stabbed down on a photo that was mainly of darks.

Crawford groaned. “Oh, what a surprise.”

“What is this building?” Ken asked.

“It´s an old museum about the evolution of mankind. I was there only once, but it has a very strange aura – downright creepy to be honest. The perfect place to try to summon a demon.”

“Okay, we need a plan,” Aya told them. “Some diversion.”

“Some nice explosions,” Omi offered.

“There’s kind of an arsenal below the great hall,” Nagi explained, looking at the museum schematics they had printed. “If we manage to blow that up, that should deal with most of the agents. And then we can face Elders themselves.”

“We divide,” Crawford suggested. “Omi and Nagi come with me to set the explosives. Aya, Schuldig, Ken and Yohji search for Farfarello. Don't forget, when the explosives go off, the building will collapse.”

The discussion lasted hours, but in the end all agreed with the plan. Manx promised to guard Aya-chan.

The next morning they would start.

It was shortly before dawn when they reached the museum. It was outside Tokyo, a grand, subtly repelling building on a lonely cliff. In the near darkness it looked black and sinister.

The two groups said goodbye solemnly, before they went underground. The lowest levels of the building had been there long before there was anything as harmless as a museum overhead, and were tunnels cut directly into the rock.  They were narrow. The assassins had to go in single file, and the whole time they heard water dripping.

In the dark they crept forward, silent as deadly shadows, noticed by no one. Crawford led the two boys unhindered to the arsenal, a great storeroom, full of all kinds of weapons and explosives. Using the least amount of light possible from their narrow beamed little torches, they set their bombs.

“Are the others safe?” Nagi asked.

“The aura of this place interferes with my precognition. All I can do is to keep us out of trouble, at least for the moment.”

The other team hadn´t had a clear destination. The only thing guiding them was Schuldig´s telepathy, but that, too, was muffled, and could give only the main direction. With the tunnels deserted, they progressed quickly.

Finally Schuldig stood still. “Farfarello's directly above us. There are guards, too, but I can´t tell how many.”

“Good,” Aya unsheathed his katana. “Time to fight.”

The two guards by the door were killed quickly, but in the dreary little room were more guards, dark clad fighters with guns and knives. The fight began. Schuldig was quick with his gun, while Weiss guarded his back.

As soon as they'd killed the guards, Schuldig rushed to the table where Farfarello lay, strapped down and gagged. The telepath couldn´t see any wounds under the white gown, but his teammate was even paler than normal.

“Farfarello? Jei?”

The eye was wide open, but showed no sign of recognition. Fearing the worst, Schuldig tore off the straps.  “Farfarello? Talk to me, please.”

The Irishman did nothing.

“Schuldig, we don´t have the time to cure him now,” Aya said. “I know he´s dear to you, but we have to win this fight. If we survive, we´ll have the time and the doctors to help him. But now we must find the Elders. The bombs can go off any moment.”

Schuldig nodded, and helped Farfarello to his feet. Farfarello staggered, and then stood firmly.

“Come, walk behind me.” Schuldig told him, and Farfarello followed him like a dog.

Crawford and the teenagers found the others sooner than they'd hoped.

“You´ve found Farfarello?” Nagi ran to his lost team-mate.

“He´s not in his right mind, “ Schuldig sighed. “They're near, aren´t they?”

“I can feel them too,” Crawford agreed.

They hurried, knowing the explosives would go off soon, knowing the Elders had surely already sensed the attack. The American guided them to a bare  room, where two men and a woman were already waiting for them. All of them looked old as the cliff the house was built on, and as strong, their presence all power.

“So you decided to destroy everything we fought for.” The trio seemed to see only Crawford worthy of notice. “We´ll kill you!”

“Try it!” Aya and Ken threw themselves towards one of the old men, but his powers threw them against the wall. Yohji and Omi tried to help with wire and crossbow, and while none of the weapons reached the target, he needed to give Weiss all his attention.

Voice level, Crawford ordered Schuldig and Nagi to join his attack on the woman. While their powers blocked hers, Crawford's precognition let him get near enough to shoot her. In the moment of her death, the other man pushed the three of them against the wall, trying to crush them.

Weiss was still occupied with their target, and Crawford, Schuldig and Nagi were exhausted. None of the three had enough strength left to break loose. They felt themselves losing consciousness as the air was pressed from their lungs.

Then someone else moved, and something flashed into the chest of their attacker. Schwarz was released to the floor.

“Farfarello?” Schuldig asked, shaking.

He nodded slowly. He was still mute, but his eyes weren´t as empty as before.

Meanwhile Weiss had finished their prey. For a moment the eight assassins stared at each other, exhausted. Then Crawford tensed.

“My precognition is back to full strength, “ he told them. “The house is on the edge of collapse. We have to get out of here as soon as possible.”

None of them could later exactly tell how they got out of the house. Stray survivors of SZ, falling stones and earthquake-like tremors obstructed them. But Crawford in the lead didn´t hesitate once, and finally they reached the exit.

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Manu manum lavat 13 [Jan. 28th, 2013|10:39 am]
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The next morning, the refugees were woken by the smell of coffee.

“What´s that?” Ken yawned, and looked around in the dreary little apartment they were staying in the moment. In the bright light of the morning it looked even shabbier.

“We went to the coffee shop around the corner.” Omi was smiling at them.

ldquo;And got coffee and muffins for all of us,” Nagi added.

“Good idea, “ Ken smiled. “ I´m hungry.”

“Then, let´s have breakfast before Manx comes, “ Aya suggested. “She called just a few minutes ago, and she has urgent news for us.”

“But before we´ll have breakfast in peace,” Yohji agreed.

Manx came in about an hour later: “The death of Jitterburgh has disturbed SZ greatly, but they will not stop hunting you.”

“So what?” Aya asked. “We always knew it was dangerous. Weiss was never thought to be easy.”

“But now, we think it would safer to you to disappear. We´ve talked to the CIA. They were watching SZ very closely since attacks in New York last year. They could give you a new life, if …”

“If what? What´s their price?” Crawford asked.

“The death of the leaders of SZ. I know, that´s nearly impossible, but …”

“If we manage to kill the Elders, SZ would fall into disorder. They have reigned over SZ for  ages and everyone is so used to obeying them, that most of them can´t think for themselves. Beside there will hard fighting to succeed." Crawford nodded. “We wouldn’t have gone left without Farfarello anyway. At least Schwarz wouldn't.”

“We´re one team now,” Aya said, and the rest of Weiss nodded.

“All together, we can manage it,” Omi  added.

“Good.” Manx nodded approvingly. “We've found a new hiding place for you.”

About an hour later, they were all making themselves at home in a comfortable old-fashioned house, somewhere in the suburbs.

Yohji had left Schuldig, disappearing into the bathroom with the claim he had to have a shower. Schuldig wandered around  the house, randomly watching Omi and Nagi playing some computer game, Crawford reading a newspaper and Ken cooking. Bored, he finally went upstairs, where Aya was making his sister comfortable in a little bedroom with floral wallpaper. Quietly talking to her, as if she could hear him.

“You miss her, don´t you?” he observed.

“With all my heart.” Aya stroked her cheek and looked up. ”Are you better?”

“Yes, thank you for asking. And thank you for killing that bastard.”

“My pleasure. Some people shouldn´t be allowed to be alive.” He calmly began to brush Aya-chan's hair, singing an old Japanese tune. Schuldig watched him as if entranced, and then made one of his quick decisions.

He came forward, touched the cold hand of the girl and reached out with his mind. Deep inside her unconscious mind was something like a flame, but it was buried under layers of grey dust. He reached out to the flame and tried to brighten it. It was so fragile, his most careful encouragement threatened to quench it altogether. Schuldig mentally concentrated on feeding the flame with his own power, until it began to shine on its own. Schuldig watched, still strengthening it, not paying attention to the strain on his gift, until he felt something wake in Aya-chan's mind. Totally exhausted he went back to his own mind. The rest she had to do on her own.

Even going back to his own mind was tiring. And when he reached it, it was buzzing with foreign voices, and he knew that his shields were gone as well as his strength.

Aya was still brushing Aya-chan´s hair and hadn´t noticed anything. Two things happened simultaneously. Aya-chan opened her eyes and Schuldig collapsed. Shocked Aya steadied the other redhead with one hand, while with the other he reached out for his sister. “Aya?” he whispered not trusting his own senses.

“Ran?” Aya looked around, “what has happened?”

She was conscious again. She was awake. Schuldig must have done something Aya decided, and felt like dancing. But Schuldig became heavier to hold and he decided to concentrate on helping Schuldig.

“That´s a rather long story,” he told her. He called out to his friends, “Hey! I could use some help up there.”

His shout brought the others to the room, and Crawford bent over Schuldig.

“What´s the matter with him?” Yohji demanded.

“His shields are down,” Crawford sighed. “Help me to take him to the room next door. I'll try to stabilize him.”

Together, they managed to carry the German to the bed in the next room. Schuldig was whimpering, but stilled when Crawford placed both hand on his temples.

Yohji was hovering beside them. “What are you doing?”

“I shut down his powers with my own. That´s the only thing which really helps, when his shields are down,“ Crawford stroked the flaming hair. “He is really going soft on you. I wouldn't have done this without something sure in return.”

“We´ll find Farfarello," Yohji promised. “Can I do anything to help him?“

“Just stay here. Your presence will calm him, when he comes to his senses again."

It was deep in the night, when Schuldig woke up. It was quiet, so he knew Crawford was shielding him. Only he could soothe him like that. Warm arms held him, and he realized Yohji was there, too, holding him closely.

A cool voice sounded in his head. With us again, Mastermind?

Brad – that was stupid, wasn´t it?

It was very kind and very you. And I don´t think it will a problem. Weiss seem to pay their debts. Sleep now, you are exhausted.


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Distraction [Jan. 25th, 2013|01:05 pm]
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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Manu manum lavat 12 [Jan. 10th, 2013|01:51 pm]
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Over the next few days, they stayed in the house, keeping their heads low, always waiting to be uncovered. They all knew that the hunters were out searching for them and if they found them, they would have to run. This was only the calm before the storm.

And the storm began to rise the third day. Crawford woke the whole team around six in the morning.

"In ten minutes we need to be gone," he told them. And they were. Running through the streets like prey, carrying the comatose girls with them. Crawford guided them through tubes and tunnels and rows of houses. After a long time of running they rested in the fragile protection of an empty house.

"You all right?" Yohji asked Schuldig who was very quiet – something that was very out of character for him.

"Hm – I'm listening for our pursuers. There's someone coming."

"Go on, hurry. This is not the place where we could fight them," Crawford urged them on.
But the pursuit came closer and then they were trapped.

"Five from behind, five in front," Schuldig said shortly.

"Okay, back to back then," Crawford ordered.

And so they fought. It was a fast and dirty fight, over more quickly than anticipated, since Schuldig managed somehow to suppress the gifts of the SZ fighters.

After the fight he had to rest a few minutes, before he could speak again: "That was only the advance guard."

"And now, fearless leader?" Yohji asked.

"We'll try to reach that park in the west. There we might have a chance."

"Really?" Aya felt none too comfortable only to rely on those visions, but what else could they do?

After half an hour the reached the place.

"And now?"

The next moment they felt a hideous pain in their heads, which vanished as soon as it began and the SZ agent went down.

"If that's all you have to offer…" Schuldig sneered.

"Get moving," Crawford lead them, while Nagi and Schuldig deflected the attacks.

They had almost reached the middle of the park, when a voice stopped them: "Nice to see you again, Schuldig. Give me the vessel and I'll promise you a quick death." Something in the voice of the tall man made all of them shiver.

"Who is that?" Omi whispered.

"Jitterburgh," Schuldig answered flatly.

„You really believed you could run away from SZ?" the man snorted, "you of all people should know that SZ owns that little is left of your soul. You can't socialize with normal people. I bet your new friends know nothing about you. What you are, what you are capable of. Shall I tell them what your name means?"

Schuldig stayed immobilized.

„Schuldig is German for guilty. Guilty of what?" Jitterburgh smiled, "I have known our German friend since he was six. I taught him to use his gifts. He made his exams with cheers. Shall I tell you was it was? To kill his own parents."

Schuldig slumped against the wall. His face was white and he shivered. Nagi and Crawford were at his side, as if they could protect him somehow. Weiss was frozen for a moment, then Yohji ran to his aid. His heart broke when he saw his fire-haired lover so subdued.


"That's what I am," he refused to look up. "I've been a killer since I was a child. And I can't be anything else."

"Oh, Schu," Yohji embraced him and tried concentrate all his love on him, "you're so much more than that."

"It's easy to be a good guy in good times, but neither of you had that," Omi told him, "and you still developed some kindness."

"Just don't listen to him," Ken added.

They stood around him like a security blanket, Aya observed. That was good, but comfort was not his strength. His was combat and he was angry, as he hadn't been for ages.

There might be worse people than Takatori ... Nobody should be allowed to play with people like that. His fury got out of control and before he had time to think, his katana flew and Jitterburgh's head fell to the floor.

"Now! That's our chance," Crawford ordered, "Schuldig, get it together. Just a few more minutes and you can rest."

"I'll be okay," the redhead whispered, but leaned heavily on Yohji and Nagi.

Crawford guided them to an old warehouse, another safe house he had established for Schwarz. "Here we should be safe. Jitterburgh's death seems to disturb them enough to loose our trace." Than he knelt down before the telepath and stroked his cheek, "you okay?"

"Yes, I'm just tired."

"Eat a bit, then you can sleep as long as you like."

Schuldig nodded. He forced himself to eat a bit and than curled up in old four poster bed.

"Hey baby, you okay?" Yohji slipped under the covers and snuggled up to the redhead.

"Just hold me, okay, Yohji?"

"Of course, I'll stay here. I won't leave you."

"Despite what I am?"

"You are a human being, who has been misused and broken. But you are still a wonderful person and I love you."

"I never thought that could happen. That somebody could love me, while knowing I'm a monster."

"You are no monster and I love you. And now you really should try to sleep."

Comforted and warmed to the heart, he snuggled close and shut his eyes.

Ran had settled down his sister and, coming back, found his team asleep. The only one who was still awake was Crawford.

"Do you want some tea?"

Ran nodded and watched the economical movements of the American. "Why did Jitterburgh do such horrible things to the adepts? Schuldig was surely not the only victim."

"No, SZ doesn't want employees with too much independence and because of that they try to beat it out of us as soon as possible."

"Seems as if it was not really effective with Schwarz. You betrayed them nevertheless."

"We believe in our freedom. Schwarz is no one's dog."

"I know. And you should know that we are trustworthy."

"Maybe. You haven't turned away from Schuldig and I'm grateful for that. Normal humans normally threat us only with fear and revulsion."

"It's sometimes difficult to regard you without fear, but I can see clearly that you are still human with all hopes and fears. We won't forget that."

"It's a start," Brad acknowledged, "maybe you could really be our allies."

"Good," Aya smiled at him. "We should try to sleep now, too, it was rather a busy day."


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